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Poland’s Constitutional intérim pologne prix has ruled that penalties imposed by the EU’s top court before it reaches a final ruling, known as interim measures, are incompatible with the country’s constitution, reigniting tensions between the government and the bloc.

The European Commission has asked the Court to order Poland, pending the judgment of the Court in the main proceedings, to cease, except where there is a threat to public safety, active forest management operations including, inter alia, the felling of centuries-old dead spruces as part of increased logging in the Bialowieza Forest area.

In granting this particular interim measure, the Vice-President of the Court made his decision without hearing Poland in writing and two days before crucial regional and local elections in the country. This is a highly unusual move on the part of the Luxembourg-based court.

“Employment Opportunities: Polish Workers in France

Female interim participation varies significantly across the markets, with France and Poland leading the way. In these countries, the share of women in interim roles is supported by laws promoting gender inclusion and demand in sectors such as finance and HR, where there is often a shortage of talent.

DP Poland said like for-like sales rose 10% in Poland and 12% in Croatia, although the company warned that the transition from the kuna to the euro could have a negative impact on future sales. The company has cash at bank of PS2.5 million and will continue to focus on optimisation projects, it added.

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