Playground marking paint gives your school or park playground a lift with bright, stimulating colours that further children’s enjoyment of playing outside. It is a great option for a short-term project, but it’s important to know its limitations before going ahead with a more permanent solution.

Paint can be used for a wide variety of different games and activities, including hopscotch, mazes, number and letter games and sports courts. It is easy to apply and can be wiped clean. However, it can fade over time with use and harsh weather conditions, so it will need reapplying regularly.

Choosing the Right Playground Marking Paint: Tips and Options

Installing a playground using paint is a more complicated process and can take longer to complete than thermoplastics. It’s important to sweep and wash down the area thoroughly in advance and it is also recommended that you wait for a day or two before starting the work so that any moss or dirt can dry out. There’s a higher chance of colour bleed too, which can ruin the overall look of your markings.

Thermoplastic playground markings are the most popular choice for schools, as they are more durable and long-lasting than paint. They are bonded to the tarmac using heat, which means that there is no chance of them being scratched or damaged. They can be customized to suit your needs, and you can even have things like educational markings installed – such as numbers and letters on a slide that can help children learn maths while playing a favorite game.

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