Whether you’re a fitness buff or spend most of your days sitting at a desk, a good 10000mg cbd cream is a must-have. These products combine soothing CBD with cooling menthol, which works as a counterirritant to help soothe and calm painful joints and muscles. They also contain shea butter and aloe vera for cosmetic use to support the skin’s barrier and moisturize its appearance. The best menthol cbd creams can be stowed in your gym bag or desk drawer for on-the-go muscle and joint relief.

This soothing rub from CBDfx is made with hand-harvested organic hemp grown in Colorado and features a cornucopia of feel-good ingredients, including menthol, arnica, and peppermint essential oils, to soothe achy muscles. This full-spectrum rub (it contains less than 0.3% THC) also has anti-inflammatory ingredients, like white willow bark extract and caffeine.

Maximum Strength: Exploring 10,000mg CBD Cream for Intense Relief

The cream itself is thick and creamy, so only a small amount is needed to cover a large area. It also has medical-grade numbing components, which soothe the application area while CBD interacts with your body’s natural endocannabinoid system. The result is a formula that delivers fast and powerful relief.

The formula has a pleasant herbal scent and includes shea and cocoa butter, which are rich in fatty acids to soften the skin and penetrate it for deeper hydration. It also has a cooling menthol and herbal ingredients designed to help reduce pain, including arnica flower extract, MSM, and chamomile flowers. The cream’s 2,000 mg of CBD is combined with an impressive roster of beneficial ingredients, and reviewers rave about how well it relieves pain and aches.

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