In interior stylist agency, a stylist is responsible for the sourcing and selection of furniture, decor items, colour schemes, and textures that are used to create a cohesive design scheme. They have a good understanding of current design trends, and they are skilled in creating visually appealing compositions. Interior designers often work with a stylist on projects such as photoshoots, home staging, and events.

When styling a space for photoshoots and marketing purposes, it’s important to accurately represent the design concept and the overall functionality of a room or property. A stylist can collaborate with the photographer to achieve aesthetically pleasing compositions that capture the right mood and tone. They can also help the client with achieving a ‘hero’ piece or feature element to highlight in a shot.

Style Meets Substance: Finding the Perfect Interior Stylist Agency

Depending on the needs of a project, an interior stylist may be involved in designing a complete living or working environment for a long-term lifestyle or commercial use. However, it’s more common for interior designers to hire a stylist to create a specific aesthetic for a short-term project such as a photoshoot or event.

The decision to hire a stylist for a portfolio project can be based on several factors including the design firm’s confidence in their styling abilities, the scope and budget of the photoshoot, and the desired outcome. A skilled and experienced stylist can make a significant difference in the quality of a portfolio shoot, ensuring that each image is captivating and reflects the design vision and personality of the space.

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